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SALE! 20% OFF Lost Souls Deluxe Casebound CD
Loreena`s first release of original material since 2006, Lost Souls is a rich and culturally eclectic recording, which one has come to expect from this unique artist. It is a rich tapestry of contemporary thoughts woven with threads from the Celts to the Bedouins, stitched with the sounds of a diverse collection of musical voices, including nyckelharpa, oud, kanoun, a military band and flamenco guitar. An exotic musical journey like no other….

1. Spanish Guitars and Night Plazas
2. A Hundred Wishes
3. Ages Past, Ages Hence
4. The Ballad of the Fox Hunter
5. Manx Ayre
6. La Belle Dame Sans Merci
7. Sun, Moon and Stars
8. Breaking of the Sword
9. Lost Souls

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