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Able Island Vinyl (Autographed Copy)
Vinyl includes a Digital Download Card with 2 bonus tracks + MP3 Download Link.

Language Artsí new album 'Able Island' is an homage to Nova Scotia and to the enigmatic Sable Island. Produced by the band (Kristen Cudmore, Neil MacIntosh, they collaborated with Darryl Neudorf on the mix and Peter Moore on the master. Recorded across Canada in a myriad of locations (bedrooms, basements, hotels, clubs, alleyways, cottages, etc.) it was DIY in its truest form.


Side A
1. Idea
2. Through
3. With Me
4. Neighbour
5. Secret Worlds In The Dark

Side B
6. A Coastline Bungalow
7. You Came Knocking
8. Tonight, At The Campsite
9. Now To Nowhere

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approx. USD $24.60
approx. EURO 22.66 €

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