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Blue `Ista Quoque Histrionica` T-shirt
About midway through my career I realized that showbiz was an unpredictable beast. Wandering from the sublime to the ridiculous in the blink of an eye. One day I noticed I was using the phrase `and that too is showbiz` in response to the madness that often surrounded me. I use it a lot. A few other people have adopted the phrase as well. Seemed like a T shirt to me, and why not in latin to give it that certain cachet? I found a translator at Oxford University. Here is his response.

`Dear Jeff

The Romans of course had a thriving entertainment business, and an author called Aelius Lampridius (died 300 AD) coined the term `histrionica` to cover all aspects of entertaining, diverting the public etc. I would therefore suggest:`and that too is showbiz` = `Ista quoque histrionica`.
With very best wishes

Yours Quintus`

The image is from a 19th century glass slide I found in an antique shop in Northhampton Mass. The label on it read `Order of the Full Moon` . Some kind of crazy showbiz thing going on here no doubt.

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