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Young and Sexy / Awkward Stage Split 7" Vinyl
The Awkward Stage, Hello Sonny

Here at Mint Records we are happy to be queuing up at the vinyl plant once again for a release of a double A side single from The Awkward Stage and Young And Sexy. First up is the song "The Awkward Stage" by Stage and Young And Sexy. First up is the song "The Awkward Stage" by the band of the same name. A solid song from the Heaven Is For Easy Girls sessions bodes a reminder that we are never far from our awkward and painful youth no matter how old or sophisticated we become. Itšs there in the shadows...waiting...

On the flip side is long time Mint artists, Young And Sexy. Young And Sexy has released three albums for Mint Records and is currently making preparations to return to the studio to commence recording its next full-length. "Hello Sonny" is an unreleased song from the sessions for their Mint debut, Stand Up For Your Mother. A classic break-up song, full of the vocal interplay between vocalists Lucy Brain and Paul Pittman that they have become known for.

Labelmates Young And Sexy and The Awkward Stage share a love of imaginative and intelligent lyrics, intricate and subtle pop hooks and vintage guitar and keyboard sounds making a perfect match for a split release together.

These two previously unavailable recordings will be available in a limited edition of 500 copies only with artwork by each band.

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approx. EURO 3.24 €

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