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Coastline Of Our Dreams - The Songs of Ian Tamblyn CD
Track Listing:
Bay of Sails (Hart Rouge)
Black Spruce (Rodney Brown)
One Horse Town (Lynn Miles)
Ballad of Mark Jarareuse (Aengus Finnan)
Boy on an Island (Sugar Sticks)
Days of Sun and Wind (Gwen Swick)
Take Me Home (Betty & the Bobs)
Angel`s Share (Susan Crowe)
Long Lost French Café (Valdy)
Dangerous Doorway (Brent Titcomb)
Chasing the Sun (Fred Guignion)
Heart of the Run (Fig For A Kiss)
Moose Tracks (Sneezy Waters)
A Guitar Man Is a Lot Like a Truck Driving Man (Ken Hamm)
Hollywood Parade (Rita Chiarelli)
25th Hour of Day (Ken Whiteley)
Boxes (Georgette Fry)
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$17.99 CAN
approx. US $12.65
approx. EURO 11.65 €

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