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In Studio Documentary DVD
Ten years, three full length records, hundreds of shows and thousands of miles have brought Ten Second Epic to where they are today. The recently released third album Better Off was over a year in the making, but brought Andrew Usenik, Craig Spelliscy, Sandy MacKinnon, Daniel Carriere and Patrick Birtles closer together and more focused than ever.

Follow the band as they embark on the writing, pre-production and tracking of Better Off. Traveling between Edmonton, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia to work with Producer Dave Genn, the band discusses the process at length - music, life, relationships, brotherhood and how all of those elements coalesce in the form of an album.

Better Off is the sound of an established group of musicians truly coming into their own. Throughout, the band looks back on where they came from, and how that shaped the album that we hear today.

Featuring tonnes of exclusive studio footage and interviews; and in tandem with an intense all-out rock performance captured in Edmonton in 2010, this DVD is an absolute must-have for Ten Second Epic fans.

$10.00 CDN
approx. USD $7.03
approx. EURO 6.48 €

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