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Give Some Little Love CD
Artists United for Children and Youth Development (AUCAYD) is a group of young Sierra Leoneans with a passion for creating music for positive social change. With the support of War Child Canada and Street Quality Records, AUCAYD members have been trained in IT and video and music production and are now using these skills to spread important social messages to vulnerable children and youth through music, film and drama. With songs covering topics ranging from early marriage and teenage pregnancy to violence against women, AUCAYD’s debut album, Give Some Little Love, uses catchy reggae rhythms to highlight critical issues.

Track Listing:
Give Some Little Love
Don’t Treat Your Child Like A Rebel
Sweet Salone (AUCAYD School Network)
Salone Na Mi Land (Sierra Leone Is My Country)
I’m In Love With You “Mamma Salone”
Join Hand en Bill Salone
Kadiatu Make Ar Shame (Teenage Pregnancy)
Street Child
Let It Rain (Bonus)
Do-ra-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do (Early Marriage)
The Journey of Life (Hypocrite & Backbiter)
No Violence Against Women
Use Condom
AUCAYD We Dae (AUCAYD at Work)

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