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It`s Not Fun. Don`t Do It! DVD

Live At The Phoenix
1. I Bet It Stung
2. I Know I Know I Know
3. I Hear Noises
4. Monday Monday Monday
5. Not Tonight
6. So Jealous
7. Where Does The Good Go
8. Speak Slow
9. Downtown
10. This Is Everything
11. Walking With A Ghost
12. Living Room
13. You Wouldn’t Like Me

Music Videos
14. Speak Slow
15. Walking With A Ghost
16. Living Room
17. Monday Monday Monday
18. I Hear Noises

Oh, Touring!
1. “It’s Not Fun. Don’t Do It!” Tegan and Sara On Tour – a film by Tegan Quin and Angela Kendall
2. “Rob Meets His Match”
3. “You Got Plunk’d Dude, a Tegan and Sara management tool in action”

The Making Of ‘So Jealous’
4. The Making Of ‘So Jealous’
a film by Angela Kendall and Brian Dutkewich

Photo Album
5. Commentary running over a collection of photos.

The Puppet Project
written, directed and produced by
Brittany Hellec with Brittany McIsaac

6. Take Me Anywhere
7. Tour Video

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