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Make A Little Noise DVD
Live At The Marquee:
1. Come On, Teacher
2. Oh My Soul
3. Cry Together
4. True Patriot Love
5. Down At The Khyber
6. Written All Over Me
7. Waiting To Be Discovered
8. Extraordinary

Alone & Together Tour:
9. Before You Leave
10. Happen Now
11. Light Of The Moon
12. When I Have My Vision
13. Lonely Love
14. Absentminded Melody

Music Videos:
1. Natural Disaster
2. Happen Now
3. Work Out Fine
4. Come On, Teacher
5. True Patriot Love
6. Clueless Wonder
7. Maybe We Should Just Go Home
8. News Of Your Son
9. She Made A Wreck Outta Me
10. Paralyzed

Bonus CD:
1. A Million Dollars
2. Nowhere With You
3. Make A Little Noise

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