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Parctalk CD (A One-Sided Conversation about Danseparc)
Parctalk is a promotional interview with Mark Gane and Martha Johnson, recorded in 1983 to help introduce the album Danseparc to radio stations. As was typical at the time, the interviewer’s questions were edited out, leaving only the artists’ answers which were pressed as a limited number of vinyl LPs. These LPs, along with a list of the original questions, were distributed as free promotional material to selected radio stations. DJs then recorded themselves asking the questions and edited them back into the conversation with the artists’ pre-recorded answers — making the interview sound as though it were done especially for that particular station.

At some point, the master list of questions was lost while the original tape recording remained in storage until now. 25 years after this interview was recorded, the only surviving part of the conversation are the replies to questions that now no longer exist. You can still find out about the ideas and philosophy behind the music as well as insights into collaborating with Daniel Lanois and members of the band, even without the questions! Includes a bonus track of a 1983 unreleased version of “Danseparc” mixed by Daniel Lanois. At this time, Parctalk is a limited edition release available only from Muffin Music!

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