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The Organ
Thieves EP
Even In The Night, Oh What A Feeling, Let The Bells Ring, Fire In The Ocean, Can You Tell Me One Thing, Don't Be Angry

Fans of The Organ, bittersweet melodies and those sad sad songs take note, on October 14th 2008 Mint/604 will unveil Thieves, a six song EP that serves as the band's final farewell. After an all-too-brief but wildly successful stint in the spotlight, and to the dismay of legions of fans worldwide, Vancouver's The Organ called it quits in 2006, with Katie, Jenny, Schmoo, Debra and Shelby heading their separate ways. At the time of the breakup, though, the band had been working on several new songs, and some months later the band members began discussing the possibility of bringing these remaining gems to life. In 2007, The Organ briefly regrouped and headed back to the studio to quietly record these songs as the EP Thieves, the six remaining unrecorded Organ songs that were originally meant to be part of a follow-up to their 2004 album, Grab That Gun.

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