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Oblivion! Tha Indy Wrestling CD
Track Listing
1. Tha O Show Theme
2. We'll Probably Kill You! - The Flatliners' Theme
3. The Ultimate - HHV's Theme
4. Bow To Your Saviour - Sebastian Suave's Theme
5. You're Dead! - The Notorious T.I.D.'s Theme
6. RICO! - Rico Montana's Babyface Theme
7. Girl Dynamite - Jennifer Blake's Theme
8. E.O. (Wrestling Personified) - Eddie Osbourne's Theme
9. The Handsome Genius Club Theme
10. Built To Destroy - Hayden Avery's Theme
11. Tha Prescription - Dr. Mask's Theme
12. Oh My Goddess! - Persephone Vice's Theme
13. Secta De Uno - Rico Montana's Heel Theme
14. Mr. Everything - Lance Malibu's Theme
15. Fangin' & Bangin' - Vampire Warrior's Theme
16. Legendary - Tribute To "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde

$5.99 CDN
approx. USD $5.96
approx. EURO 4.27 €

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