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Living Legends Wrestling Presents...
Revelations - June 21, 2007 DVD

LLW Championship Match: Cody Deaner vs. Eddie Osbourne vs. Ruffy Silverstein

Andrew Davis vs. Jake O'Riley

Michael Elgin/Derek Wylde vs. The Flatliners vs. Akira Raijin/Brute Issei

Miss Danyah vs. Jennifer Blake

LLW Steel City Championship Match (2 out of 3 falls): Phil Latio vs. Reggie Marley

Submission Match: Ash vs. Hayden Avery

Light Heavyweight Royal Rumble Match

Fans Bring The Weapons Match: Dan Magnum vs. Warhed

Mercy/Jody D'Milo/Kaitlin Diemond vs. Ditz n Glitz/Saphire

Logan Savage vs. Shawn Morgan
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