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Speak No Evil (The Last of Dan-e-o) CD
Track Listing
1. Funkbox (Refunked) (feat. Artis Vente)
2. Kama Sutra (Reblaze!)
3. The Real Deal - Episode II: Revenge Of The Lith (feat. Spidahman, Rishaard a.k.a. Shamon Harage, Wio-K & Grimace Love)
4. 358
5. T.N.T. (Remix)
6. Chocolate Love
7. Funkbox (Refix) (feat. Chocolate Ty & Red Rat)
8. Sick (feat. Spidahman)
9. Deadly Deux (Remix) (feat. DL Incognito & Mic Check)
10. Thru Tha Door
11. Big Tune! (performed as Don Faraldo)

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approx. USD $5.62
approx. EURO 5.17 €

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