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The Book Of Daniel CD
Track Listing
1. Prologue: Set It Off/Can't Test Me
2. Revenge
3. Perspectivez (feat. "Beat", "Mic" & "Lyric")
4. Real Lyricists (feat. Charisma)
5. Vacuumz
6. Peanut Butter Danish (feat. Nish Raawks & Rishaard a.k.a. Shamon Harage)
7. Hoozazz (feat. Chocolate Ty)
8. I.P.B. (feat. Irs, Spidahman & Grimace Love)
9. My Girlfriend Told Me...
10. Danish 2: Death Wish (feat. Nish Raawks)
11. My Favourite M.C.
12. C'mon! (feat. Black Cat of Irs & Grimace Love)
13. The Lion'z Den
14. Margerine
15. Baahd! (feat. Charisma & Spidahman)
16. 4evah (feat. Blitz Equip)
17. Corrida De Toros
18. Epilogue: Dreadful/Daniel'z Prayer
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