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The Book Of Daniel 10 Year Anniversary Mixtape CD
Track Listing
1. I.P.B.
2. Peanut Butter Danish
3. Perzpectivez
4. Real Lyricists
5. The Lion'z Den
6. My Favourite M.C.
7. Margerine
8. Vacuumz
9. My Girlfriend Told Me...
10. Revenge
11. Danish 2: Death Wish
12. Baahd!
13. Corrida De Toros
14. Set It Off/Can't Test Me
15. C'mon!
16. 4evah
17. Hoozazz
18. Dreadful/Daniel'z Prayer
Bonus Track: The Real Frequency Freestyle (01/26/00)
(Dan-e-o, Black Cat of Irs & Arcee)

$5.99 CDN
approx. USD $5.96
approx. EURO 4.27 €

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