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Renmin Park CD (The Nomad Series, Volume 1)
1. Intro
2. Renmin Park
3. Sir Francis Bacon At The Net
4. Stranger Here
5. A Few Bags Of Grain
6. I Cannot Sit Sadly By Your Side
7. (You`ve Got to Get) A Good Heart
8. Cicadas
9. Interlude
10. My Fall
11. Little Dark Heart
12. A Walk In The Park
13. Renmin Park (revisited)
14. Coda

BONUS: Order this CD and you will receive a link for a free download of the entire album! A link for your free download will be included in your confirmation e-mail. These digital files are encoded at a constant bit rate of 256kbps.

$10.99 CDN
approx. USD $7.73
approx. EURO 7.12 €

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