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Carolyn Mark & NQ Arbuckle
Let's Just Stay Here CD
Let's Just Stay Here sees Carolyn teaming up with N.Q. Arbuckle (Six Shooter Records) and his band for six Carolyn penned numbers, three of N.Q.'s songs and and handful of covers. A collection of slow burning torchlight country heartbreakers, roadhouse style Johnny & June anthems & odes to the touring lifestyle, Let's Just Stay Here covers a lot of miles on the musical road map of touring excess.

Track Listing:
All Time Low
Officer Down
The 2nd Time
Saskatoon Tonight
Itchy Feet
Passing Dream
Canada Day/Off Tomorrow
Too Sober To Sleep
Sunday Morning
Let's Just Stay Here

Also Available on LP with digital download.

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approx. USD $9.13
approx. EURO 8.41 €

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