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Songs from the Streets - The Best of Murray McLauchlan (2 Disc Set)

Songs From The Streetis a 2 CD career retrospective featuring 36 of his best songs, including previously unreleased material and a newly recorded track.

CD 1
Honky Tonk (Song From the Street), Child’s Song (Song From the Street), Sixteen Lanes of Highway (Song From the Street), Old Man’s Song (Murray McLauchlan), Carmelita (Murray McLauchlan), Farmer’s Song (Murray McLauchlan), You Need A New Lover Now (Day to Day Dust), Golden Trumpet (Day to Day Dust), Revelations (Day to Day Dust), Down By the Henry Moore (Sweeping the Spotlight Away), Shoeshine Workin’ Song (Sweeping the Spotlight Away), Maybe Tonight (Sweeping the Spotlight Away), Do You Dream of Being Somebody (Sweeping the Spotlight Away), Sweeping the Spotlight Away (Sweeping the Spotlight Away), Cross Country (Previously Un-released), So Far From You (Only the Silence Remains), Harder to Get Along (Boulevard)

CD 2
On the Boulevard (Boulevard), Train Song (Boulevard), As Lonely As You (Boulevard), Hard Rock Town (Hard Rock Town), Whispering Rain (Whispering Rain), Little Dreamer (Greatest Hits), Playin’ Your Emotions (Previously Un-released), Try Walkin’ Away (Into a Mystery), Into a Mystery (Into a Mystery), Don’t Put You Faith In Men (Into a Mystery), If the Wind Could Blow My Troubles Away (Storm Warning), Never Did Like That Train (Timberline), Red River Flood (Timberline), Out Past the Timberline (Timberline), Love With a Capital L (Swinging Like a Star), Swinging Like a Star (Swinging Like a Star), Burned Out Car (Gulliver’s Taxi), No Change In Me (Gulliver’s Taxi), Path of the Moon (Previously Un-released)

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