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At the gentle hands of fate, Montreal singer/songwriter Mordy Harroch relocated to Toronto just as four young and hungry rockers from Burlington neared the 14-month mark in their exhausting singer search; perfect timing for a destined-to-be rock project.

Initially discovered and produced by Jacksoul frontman Haydain Neale, Westpoint spent the summer of 2007 recording Goodbye Rocket – their first full-length album – with Toronto heavyweight producer Joel Kazmi. “Joel really understood our music; we wanted to capture our huge live sound on this record and it was great having someone with so much experience producing us.” Mastered by Bernie Grundman in Hollywood, California, Goodbye Rocket is a great sounding record on all levels. “Finishing the album in LA was huge, it definitely added a fun vibe.” This is an incredibly catchy debut that will become a widespread musical favorite for years to come.

Combining Harroch's infectious and passionate songwriting, the band's massive and uplifting rock sound, and three solid years of high-energy gigging, Westpoint are ready to sink their teeth even further into the ever-shifting music industry. With diverse opening slots for Hedley, April Wine, and Teenage Head, the band has proven themselves a worthy Canadian outfit ready to tackle any musical market that is thrown their way. “Making this album has brought us to a new level artistically and equipped us with our strongest live show yet.”

Westpoint recently received a 2007 Toronto Independent Music Award for ‘Best Rock/ Alternative Band’ and will be hitting the road on a Western-Canadian tour in early 2008 in support of Goodbye Rocket. Westpoint’s uplifting sound, passionate vocals, and infectious songwriting are destined to have you singing along upon first listen.