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Wide Mouth Mason

Wide Mouth Mason is a rock/blues/soul power trio comprised of Shaun Verreault (lead vocals/guitar), Safwan Javed (vocals/drums) and, as of 2010, Gordie Johnson, (also of Big Sugar and Grady (vocals/bass)).

The band has released 6 albums, which have yielded such hit singles as “Midnight Rain”, “My Old Self”, “Why”, “Smile” and “Change”. Wide Mouth Mason’s newest release is entitled No Bad Days (July 12, 2011).

“We’ve called the record No Bad Days because it perfectly describes the experience we had making it”, says singer/ guitarist Shaun Verreault. “We worked on our 3rd record, 'STEW' with Gordie as producer [GOV'T MULE, NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALLSTARS]. When we decided to make a more organic "live off the floor" kind of record, we knew he was 'That Guy' and we couldn’t be more excited about the results!”

Years of heavy tour schedules allowed Wide Mouth Mason to share the stage with groups such as The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, AC/DC, and The Guess Who. They have performed twice at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (which resulted in the acclaimed 2009 DVD/CD release "Live! Montreux, Switzerland"). In 2002 Wide Mouth Mason became one of the first North American rock bands to tour China in the 21st century. They have achieved multiple Gold records and have numerous Juno nominations under their belt.