Wendy McNeill

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Wendy McNeill

Originally from the Canadian prairies, Wendy's songs retain her love of wide open space and the longing that such big skies can generate. A fan of 'underdogs', 'strange cats' and brave hearts, these are often the centerpieces of her songs that she shapes with looped vocals, accordion, and guitar.

A compelling blend of the bold and the vulnerable with hints of cabaret and spoken word, Wendy makes music for dark hearted dreamers. On A Dreamer's Guide to Hardcore Living, McNeill lives up to her 'Folk Noir' roots. The new songs stretch a tightrope between the intimate and the otherworldly with splashes of magical realism and a host of new characters. A shape shifting coyote, a city that sings and sheds tears, a romantic snake and a restless rabbit, all assist in exploring themes of temptation, isolation, hope, faith, love, and various crimes of passion.