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From humble beginnings in the summer of 1995 when two young girls from London, Canada, Andrea Wasse (vox/guitar) and Lorien Jones (vox/bass) found kindred spirit Lincoln Cushman (keyboards) wandering the streets, The Weekend’s reason for existence has been to rock the tired masses. The Weekend's self-titled debut full-length record, produced by Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles, contained ten sensational gems that did just that. The Weekend’s fresh-faced approach, infectious vocal harmonies, sweet keyboards, crunchy guitar and heartstring tugging lyrics have become a beacon of rock hope in this era of bland music saturation.

“The Weekend” spent 16 weeks in the Top Ten radio charts for Campus Radio nationwide which led them to opening for such notable acts as Green Day, Matthew Good Band, Big Sugar, 54:40 and Default. Their music has been featured on television in episodes of “Family Law,” Mary-Kate & Ashley Olson's “So Little Time”, and the CBC series “Our Hero.” The Weekend’s pop rock candy floss flavored sound has made them one of the most popular independent bands in the country, being featured on CBC Radio's “Just Concerts” along with radio and websites around the world. In 2001, MGM Distribution released their debut album domestically in Australia, and there are plans to tour “down under” this fall.
Recently, new drummer Jay Westman and second guitarist Ryan Ford (formerly of Sinclaire) have joined the fold, adding a solid rock groove that has fleshed out a stronger, tougher sounding version of The Weekend for 2002.

On May 7th, The Weekend will release their second record, produced by Gavin "Golden" Brown, with help from Andy Magoffin, Harry Hess and Krisjan Leslie, called “Teaser EP” that contains five mighty hit songs guaranteed to impress the pants off anyone who thought this band was great two years ago. Rest assured it will land them a whole new audience.

The radio edited first single “Perfect World” will be worked to commercial rock stations by Bobby Gale with a video to follow. The Weekend will make their first cross Canada tour this spring to promote the new EP making their Vancouver debut at New Music West.

The Weekend’s “Teaser EP” and self-titled debut are on Teenage USA Recordings and distributed in Canada by Outside Music.