Working Class

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Working Class

Working Class is a Soul/R&B band based in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. They are a diverse group of musicians who can play almost anything: thanks to a solid rhythm section, horn players and three unique vocalists. The current line up has been playing together since 2006 and has played hundreds of club gigs, weddings, and other events all over Nova Scotia. Their set list contains classic blues, R&B, and reggae songs, as well as original material. Working Class has recorded three albums to date: Is This Love (1999) Moviní (2006) and be sure to check out the new (2012) album "Restless".

The Working Class Band:
Hugh Clarke - Guitar/Vocals
Hilton Reddick - Guitar
Michael Robinson - Trombone/Keys
Phil Clark - Sax/Vocals
Brian Steeves - Drums
Jamie Sparks - Bass/Vocals
Kenny Stewart - Live Sound Tech