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Case History:

Seven piece Hamilton band. Sources unclear on group genre: "an eclectic fusion of hip-hop, jazz, groove, and rock". Cell begins recruiting in the summer of 1999. Founding members form a collective governing body in July of 1999 - to mandate the control of group directives, assets, and beer tickets. Group begins loose training regiment in August of 1999; first confirmed attack claims a small audience in October of 1999. Attacks continue in the Hamilton area over 1999-2000 - larger audiences fall victim to the assaults.

Increased 'Chatter':

2001 sees a marked increase in "chatter". Group claims responsibility for numerous attacks across Ontario. Begins aggressive infiltration of local media (area free press, College/University papers and radio). Group bankrolls key media insiders - local press becomes saturated with pro-warsawpack propaganda; papers littered with reviews and features proclaiming group the "most important band in Hamilton", etc. Local infamy grows, performances sold out; CSIS declares group "serious security risk" and approves surveillance.

Fall of 2001 - the warsawpack cell increases the intensity of their training regiment, and begins work on their first fulllength album. Group spokesman warns public of imminent launch.