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LIV Artist: the Waltons
Title: LIV
Year: 2001
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Title Length Sample  
1 Wascana -- No  
2 Colder Than You -- No  
3 Soother -- No  
4 Michaelangelo’s Tummy -- No  
5 Steel In Your Heart -- No  
6 Naked Rain (Live) -- Yes  
7 Middle of Nowhere -- No  
8 Simple Brain -- No  
9 Cold Rails -- No  
10 Beats the Hell... (Live) -- Yes  
11 Tear Stained Eye -- No  
12 Saskatoon Pie -- No  
13 In The Meantime -- No  
14 End of the World -- No  
15 Empire on the Plains -- No  
16 Bring Everything (Live) -- No  
17 Silverlining -- No  
18 Glorious Old Shame -- No  

Recorded live by Phil Presnal @ Ted’s Wrecking Yard, Toronto, ON
February 23rd & 24th, 2001
Assisted by Chris Marks & Trevor Coppen
Live sound by Trevor Coppen
Track 16 & 17 recorded by Waltons @ Jason’s Place
Track 18 recorded by Phil Presnal @ His Place
Mixed by Keith Nakonechy @ Jason’s Place, Regina, SK, assisted by JF Plumb
Edited by JF Plumb
Mastered by Joao Carvalho @ Umbrella Sound

The Waltons are: Jason Forrest Plumb (voice, guitar, harmonica), Keith Nakonechny (bass, voice), Sean Bryson (drums, voice, exercise stick), Todd Lumley (keyboards, accordion, voice, percussion)

Empire Hotel Artist: the Waltons
Title: Empire Hotel
Year: 1998

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Title Length Sample  
1 Bloody Love Note 3:31 No  
2 Beats The Hell Out Of Me 3:58 Yes  
3 Soother 4:30 No  
4 Get Off My Back 3:52 Yes  
5 Glorious Old Shame 4:19 Yes  
6 Middle Of Nowhere 3:11 No  
7 Enough Of You 3:47 No  
8 Saskatoon Pie 3:21 No  
9 Cold Rails 4:33 No  
10 Empire On The Plains 3:35 No  

Produced by Michael Phillip Wojewoda and the Waltons
Recorded at Chemical Studios (Toronto, ON) assisted by Lisa Swarbrick and Darrell O’Dea, Red Line Recorders (Toronto, ON) assisted by Karl Wollinger, Phase One Studio (Toronto, ON) assisted by Shawn Edmondson and Ziad al-Hillal, Murray and Linda’s Livingroom (Ancaster, ON) Creative House Studios (Saskatoon, SK) assisted by Jared Keumper.

Engineered by Michael Phillip Wojewoda and Keith Mariash
Mixed by Keith Nakonechny and Michael Phillip Wojewoda
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway (Portland, ME)

Musicians: Jason ’Walton’ Plumb (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars), Keith Nakonechny (vocals, bass guitars), Todd Lumley (pianos, organs, synths, accordian), Sean Bryson (drums)

cock’s crow Artist: the Waltons
Title: cock’s crow
Year: 1995

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Title Length Sample  
1 End Of The World 2:23 Yes  
2 The Longest Line 4:01 No  
3 Wait Up For Me 5:17 No  
4 Surprise 3:38 No  
5 Heartless 3:11 Yes  
6 Sky’s Limit 4:45 No  
7 You Ewe U 3:53 No  
8 Heels Upon My Head 4:47 Yes  
9 Wascana 3:05 No  
10 Steel In Your Heart 4:46 No  
11 Something Wrong 4:14 No  
12 Michelangelo’s Tummy 4:49 No  
13 My Eye 4:16 No  

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Michael Phillip Wojewoda at Reaction Studios, Toronto, ON, assisted by Tom Heron
Mastered by Bob Ludwig, Gateway, Portland, ME

Musicians: Jason ’Walton’ Plumb (vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars), Keith Nakonechny (vocals, bass guitar), Todd Lumley (piano, organ, accordian, synth, vocals), Steve Pitkin (drums), Martin Tielli (electric guitar solos), John Mann (vocal), Geoffrey Kelly (flute), Linda McRae (vocal), Anne Bourne (cello), Dave Allen (violin)

Simple Brain EP Artist: the Waltons
Title: Simple Brain EP
Year: 1994

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Title Length Sample  
1 Simple Brain 3:54 Yes  
2 Hope 3:21 No  
3 The Boxer 3:41 Yes  
4 Who Is It? 2:48 No  
5 Under The Clocks 3:51 Yes  
6 Simple Brain (reprise) 3:15 No  

Simple Brain: Produced by Andy Paley, recorded at MetalWorks, Mississauga, ON
Hope: from demo ’89 Demonstrations’
The Boxer: Recorded live June 1993 at UltraSound, Toronto, ON
Who Is It?: 8-track demo recorded January 1992, Hamilton, ON
Under The Clocks: Recorded live June 1993 in Moose Jaw, SK

Musicians: Jason ’Walton’ Plumb (vocals, acoustic guitars), Keith Nakonechny (vocals, bass guitar), Todd Lumley (organ, accordian), Dave Cooney (drums)

Lik my trakter Artist: the Waltons
Title: Lik my trakter
Year: 1992

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Title Length Sample  
1 Colder Than You 3:07 Yes  
2 Sunshine 4:33 No  
3 The Water Well and The Farmer’s Hand 4:09 No  
4 In The Meantime 3:48 Yes  
5 I Could Care Less 3:36 No  
6 Truth And Beauty 4:23 No  
7 The Living Room 3:51 No  
8 Look At Me 3:33 No  
9 The Naked Rain 3:32 Yes  
10 (Don’t Let It) Slide 4:05 No  
11 A Fine Line 4:58 No  

Produced by John Switzer
Recorded at Orchard Studio and CBC 4S, Toronto, ON
Engineered by Dave Ferri, Doug Doctor and Mike Furness
Additional recording at Digital Music, engineered by Brad Mulligan
Mixed by John Switzer at Number Nine Sound, Toronto, ON assisted by George Rondina and Victor Florencia

Musicians: Jason ’Walton’ Plumb (vocals, acoustic guitar), Keith Nakonechny (vocals, bass guitar), Dave Cooney (drums), Kim Deschamps (lap steel, mandolin, bottle neck slide guitar), Anne Bourne (accordian, organ), Dave Allen (violin), Peter Nunn (organ), John Switzer (percussion, backing vocals)