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Although Veal, the word/meat/concept; is a dark metaphor for a misguided generation - Veal the band is simply three guys committed to expanding the parameters & definitions of pop music.

Whether tags of "surfy power trio", "Pixiesquepsychedelia", or "post-Camper VanBeethoven 1 & 2 college rock" are fitting or not, Veal is forever pursuing the perfectly bent pop song.

A Vancouver band made up of Luke Doucet (vocal & guitars), Howard Redekopp (bass & vocals) and Chang (drums), was born out of the musical trough that is Winnipeg; where the long winters nurture the only good reasons for being in a band: boredom and the love of rock & roll.

While individual members of Veal do their share of of moonlighting, they are constantly reaffirming their commitments to this one, fine, collectively inspired & inspiring outfit that is Veal, the pop band.

1998 saw the band nominated for 2 Georgia Straight Music Awards (best new group & live band) as well as having a track selected for CBC Radio Sonic's best of 1998 broadcast.

Veal is also doubtlessly entitled to share Luke Doucet's nomination for Musician of the Year at the 1998 (PMIA) West Coast Music Awards.

Their debut CD Hot Loser, released through Divine Industries, was recorded guerrilla style with Dave Kershaw & mostly remixed by Glen Reely. If this record has a dank feel to it, it's because it was recorded and mixed in Dave & Glen's basements.

Veal's new disc Tilt O Whirl, released in 1999, seduces the ear with burning guitar riffs, latex-tight bass-percussion interplay and Luke Doucet's poignant lyrics.