The Two Minute Miracles

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Like an out of work Scandinavian movie producer whose daughter just eloped with 130 lbs of his best yeast, the Two-Minute Miracles know exactly what they need to do.

Andy Magoffin, Aaron Curtis, John F. Higney Jr., Mississauga Slim and Clayton Corneil, known collectively as the Two Minute Miracles, will be releasing their second album this summer after a couple of years spent refining a new load of dark country cliffhangers and angular pop nuggets. Whereas the Miracles debut, "Volume I", represented the scatterbrained efforts of a rogue alcoholic poet, "Volume II" sees five focused prospectors staking their claim on a sonic, lyric frontier territory they feel belongs only to them.

A Two-Minute Miracles show can hectic. But it does not pretend to be something that it is not, and it does not rely upon loud volume for its intensity. The Miracles will be leaving their hometown of London, ON to showcase all the hits from "Volume II" and more at a select number of shows in Southern Ontario this summer. Welcome them to your town and give them vegetables.