Tamara Williamson

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Tamara was born and raised in Putney, London.

In 1991 after her first band broke up, which included Alan White who later joined Oasis, she decided to move to Canada. After three years she was signed to BMG with her band Mrs. Torrence.

Two albums and three label presidents later, Tamara went down into her basement and recorded a solo record. This record cost only $48 and is an outstanding example of what can be acheived on an 8 track. The cd won her respect throughout the Canadian music industry. Tamara has toured across Canada, USA, and England. She layers her voice and guitar, and loops and stacks it until you can be fooled into wondering where all the other members of the band are. But with this she never forgets the importance of a good song and her live performance is so powerful she was voted NOW magazine's fourth best concert of the year in 1998.

Tamara was also delighted to be asked by Kim Clarke Champnis to do an interview for The New Music. This was due to the success of a video released for the song "Rope" from the CD Nightmare On Queen Street (which was put into rotation on MuchMusic in Canada).

In 1999 she released her second solo recording, Unconscious Pilot. This CD brought about great critical acclaim and CBC tapings for Heartland and Definitely Not The Opera.

There is no one else in the world using the same technique of blending the voice and guitar, and Tamara is known as being one of the most innovative songwriters and performers in Canada at this time. Tamara can also be seen playing guitar and singing for King Cobb Steelie.