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Tupelo Honey

The modern world of music has no time for watered-down sentiment and generic wannabes; it takes much more for a band to really make a connection with people. Tupelo Honey understands this, and with the upcoming release of the band’s first full-length album, the Edmonton-based group hopes to capture the hearts and minds of their fans and take them somewhere special.

With this release being the band’s first full-length album, guitarist-turned-front man Dan Davidson couldn’t be more excited. “This record is truly a massive step forward for us as a band” he exclaims. “Our songwriting has become so much more mature, and my stepping into the role of lead singer has definitely taken the sound of the band to a new and very exciting place”. Canadian super-producer Jeff Dalziel (Edwin, Philosopher Kings, Rex Goudie) echoes this sentiment; “Dan has really brought something new to this band that I didn’t expect. There is a powerful rock edge as well as a sensitivity in his voice that I’m really excited about”.

The new shape of the band is in no way a departure from the established massive rock sound that Tupelo Honey has brought to the music world. Tracks such as “Best I Could”, “Falling”, and “Pull Me Closer” stand as testament to the band’s roots as a high energy and radio-friendly act, with the exciting guitar riffs taking centre stage. Guitarist Tyler Dianocky claims “this record really made me approach writing and guitar playing in a different way, and I was really happy to be encouraged to let loose a little more”.

Tupelo Honey’s penchant for writing epic and touching ballads shines in the past radio successes of “Make Me Believe” (2007) and “Not Alone” (2008). “It’s always a bit of a weird process” laughs drummer Greg Williamson, “but when the four of us get together and write mushy love songs, some really great things happen”. This tradition continues with “The Moment”, and “Reason”; two beautifully crafted and emotionally driven ballads that feature exciting new guitar sounds and soaring vocals.

The release of the new album will welcome Tupelo Honey back to the road; a place where they have honed their performance skills as one of the premiere support acts in the Canadian music scene. Directly supporting such bands as Bon Jovi, Shinedown, Papa Roach, Theory Of A Deadman, Billy Talent, Three Days Grace, Everclear, Marianna’s Trench, Default, and The Trews has forged the band into a talented and exciting live show. Selling well over 12,000 EPs as a fully independent act, having 3 music videos aired on Muchmusic (“Why I Bother”-2005, “Morphine”-2008, and “Not Alone”-2009), national radio successes (“Because of You”-2007, “Make Me Believe”-2007 and “We Are”-2008) and placements in television (Degrassi: The Next Generation) has positioned Tupelo Honey as a leader in the Canadian independent music scene.

With so much excitement behind the new material, Tupelo Honey cannot wait to bring their unique and exciting brand of modern rock to the stage and to the ears of music fans everywhere. Bassist Steve Vincent says, “Every one of us feels that we’ve never written, played or sounded better as a band. This is definitely our best work to date and we are so excited to share it ”.

You can check out the latest from Tupelo Honey by downloading the new single "Best I Could" for free at www.tupelohoney.ca.