Tears of a Thousand Years Benefit Album

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Benefit Album Artist: Tears Of A Thousand Years
Title: Benefit Album
Year: 2001
$15.00 CDN 
(approx. USD $10.55)
(approx. EURO 9.71 €)

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Title Length Sample  
1 When Peace Came To The Valley 3:34 No  
2 Laugh Myself To Sleep 3:49 No  
3 I Still Wish The Very Best For You 3:09 No  
4 If Itís A Long Way Home 4:15 No  
5 Tears Of A Thousand Years 3:47 No  
6 My Last Breath 2:25 No  
7 Jamie 4:17 No  
8 Bomb Them With Butter 4:16 No  
9 Once Itís Gone 3:51 No  
10 Willow And The Dove 2:45 No  
11 Burning In The Streets 4:20 No  
12 Justice 4:18 No  
13 Wisdom Guide Me 3:04 No  
14 Lately 4:49 No  
15 Heavenís Restaurant 4:54 No  
16 Prayer Watching 4:08 No  
17 There Is A Time 3:37 No  
18 In The Blink Of An Eye 4:30 No  
19 Pass It On 3:24 No  
20 When The Day Is Over 2:19 No  

Musicians (in order of track listing): Valdy, Lynn Harrison and David Woodhead, Brent Titcomb, Scott Cameron Smith, David Bradstreet, Katherine Wheatley and Stephen Fearing, Stan Rogers, James Gordon, Randy Uberig, The Laws, Don Bray with Jason Fowler and David Francey, Doug McArthur, Eileen McGann, Aengus Finnan, Fireweed, Tim Harrson, Paul Langille, DíArcy Wickham, John Gracie, Susan Crowe