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Following the tragic events of Sept. 11th, a call was put out to Canadian folk musicians interested in donating a song to help raise funds in aid of the relief effort, and out of almost fifty entries, twenty songs were chosen. Three of the songs included were written in the aftermath of the events of September 11th – the title track by David Bradstreet, James Gordon’s “Bomb Them With Butter” and Paul Langille’s "There’s a Time". Previously released tracks by singer/songwriters Susan Crowe, Aengus Finnan, Fireweed, John Gracie, Tim Harrison, The Laws, Eileen McGann, Scott Cameron Smith, Brent Titcomb, Valdy, Katherine Wheatley and D’Arcy Wickham were chosen, as well as new offerings from Don Bray, Lynn Harrison, Doug MacArthur, Randy Uberig, and a previously unreleased track by the late Stan Rogers.

Folk music has always told the stories of its people, documenting history and keeping it alive in the hearts and minds of its listeners. In the weeks since the terrorist attacks, many have turned to music for answers, comfort, and release. The works on this album are songs of strength, courage, love and hope – personal reactions to the tragedy itself, thoughts to help put things in perspective, and songs to soothe the mind and heart. “Tears of a Thousand Years” was created not just as a fundraising effort, but also to continue in the folk music tradition of storytelling and community.