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Ten Second Epic

Ten Second Epic is back with their sophomore effort, “Hometown” set for release on January 27th, 2009 on Black Box Recordings.

The band found success with the late 2006 release of “Count Yourself In”, a collection of songs that chronicled a group of artists coming into their own as a band. The album produced four singles, as well as both MuchMusic Video Award and Canadian Radio Music Award nominations, and fostered a strong and ever-growing fan base across the country.

The release of “Hometown”, produced by Garth Richardson in Vancouver, BC, reveals a band that have matured personally, and as songwriters in the past two years. “We knew we had all eyes on us,” states vocalist, Andrew Usenik. We were more focused than ever before.”

“Hometown”, in the literal sense is Edmonton, Alberta – a source of unabashed pride for Ten Second Epic to this day. However, as it relates to the inspiration behind the album title, the band feels that for them, a “Hometown” can be found almost anywhere – this is evident right off the bat with the first track, “Welcome To Wherever You Are”.

“To me, a hometown is the place you feel safest, and for us, that can be anywhere on any given night. The road is now our hometown,” Usenik continues. “The album is a culmination of everything music has given to us.”

The songs range in theme, telling many of the stories that have been accumulated during the band’s years on the road. This group of guys, still in their early twenties find themselves living the mantra of the band. “Get as much as you can out of every moment of your life.” explains Usenik. “We feel most comfortable writing about our experiences.”

These themes are best illustrated by tracks like “Yours To Lose”, and the epic final track, “Further Now”. It’s this sense of optimism and honesty that has endeared the band to so many fans – an element that rings clearly throughout “Hometown” as well.

Having worked with Garth Richardson previously on their debut record, the band enlisted his help again on “Hometown”. The band felt they could rely on him to help nurture them as songwriters and push them creatively. The result is a more mature effort. “The songs are stronger from start to finish.” boasts Usenik, in a not-so-boastful tone. Reflecting on “Count Yourself In” gave the band ample opportunity to learn and improve going into writing “Hometown”. The new album is broader, with a stronger dynamic feel throughout, and even a guest appearance on the track “Every Day” by the recently crowned Canadian Princess of Pop, LIGHTS.

The lead single, “Life Times” is a perfect example of how the band has applied their maturing songwriting skills to the signature sound they have developed over the past six years. “We only write songs that we’ll enjoy playing live.” says Usenik. “We’re proud of how we’ve progressed and the sound we’ve established.”

At the heart, Ten Second Epic’s defining characteristics are their honesty and commitment to hard work. It is what has set them apart from many of their counterparts in the genre. “To achieve what we have as an independent band is something we’re very proud of.” Usenik says. “Hometown is who we are and the music we love to play. What you see is what you get with us.”