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Whether it's the inviting nature of the songs, the irresistible melodies or the unique vocal styling of Trevor James himself - there's something inherently Canadian to the sound of Ottawa's Trevor James & the Perfect Gentlemen. However, unlike their predecessors, Trevor James & the Perfect Gentlemen infuse a much-needed youthful swagger to the roots, modern-rock, Canadiana sound of their debut album.

Don't let the debut album tag misguide you though, Trevor James is all too familiar with the hardships of playing in a band. He's endured run-ins with the law, having gear stolen and a revolving cast of supporting musicians while touring the country fronting his previous acts The Architects and Travel By Owl. Rather then dwell on those experiences though, he's taken it all in stride turning misfortunes into song.

Trevor James began composing and performing music at twelve years of age. Although he has written a countless number of songs and refined his sound over the years, this album showcases his strongest material to date and the underlying potential of this emerging songwriter. Along with his right hand man, bassist Tyson Hiseler (who also played in the Architects & Travel By Owl) the two have crafted an album that is bound to resonate with music fans nationwide.

After investing over a year into the writing and recording of their debut album, Trevor James & the Perfect Gentlemen now venture to the road - exploring the far corners of Canada and playing every club, hall and festival along the way.