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Throughout their career, the Track Dirtyaz have consistently chosen the most unconventional methods of creating and promoting rap music. Their debut ep, “And Then They Remembered”, was a study of “what if?”. What if rap was to mix freely with electronica? Where is the line drawn? The result was a 27 minute sound experiment that displayed their multiple layers as producers and writers. The follow up, “NNN” brought hardcore rap back to the forefront. It represented the re-claiming of hard rhyming and rugged production that hit you emotionally from all angles. From intro to outro it was 11 songs full of everything from nightmarish visions to industry politics. For those that listened closely, they will recognize the several prophecies made as to the future of the group.

Among these prophecies is that of the change that will come. The “rap revolution”. After NNN was completed the centre men and founders of the band, Slay Stalkaz and FitzDvyne, found themselves plotting their next move as their production partner, Hanis, had moved further into his own solo material, the more electronic based – The Daydream Sound. Their own tastes and views regarding rap music and hip hop had evolved as well by this point and without their co-producer/dj on stage with them they found a hole forming in the dynamic of the bands’ live presence. This is when Fitz (who had already been writing songs on guitar) and Slay ( who as a programmer/ beat maker was no stranger to percussion) decided to involve their instrumentation live on stage.

The two began rehearsing some of their material and writing new songs together. This back to basics approach spawned a new yearning and mystery within their creative souls. They now knew and understood where they would have to take it for their next project. The pair decided to cut the group right back down to just themselves and enlist from their crew only those that were absolutely necessary to help their vision reach fruition.

They then rented a house (which they later named the “Son House” after the delta bluesman) and invited 3 of their TC (Total Chaos) crew members to join them creatively on this journey. With Slay Stalkaz on vocals and drums, FitzDvyne on vocals and guitar, Mobster was asked to contribute on bass, with M.Windu and LDP contributing also as vocalists. Once in their “Son House”, the musical revolution had begun. The band wrote and rehearsed for weeks. The cold Canadian winter and surrounding forests inspiring endless material which they recorded on several tapes. By the time that they returned to their hometown of Toronto and re-listened to these tapes, the final name for the movement and music they created was, “The Incarnate”.