Turn Off The Stars

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Everything Is Ok Artist: Turn Off The Stars
Title: Everything Is Ok
Year: 2003
$5.00 CDN 
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Title Length Sample  
1 Please 4:03 No  
2 Falling Into You 3:25 No  
3 Oblivious 4:08 No  
4 Usual To Me 3:08 No  
5 Why Do You Need More Time 3:39 No  
6 Average Man 3:58 No  
7 Everything Is Ok 4:25 No  
8 147 1:50 No  

Turn Off The Stars Are:
Mike Walker: Vocals, Guitars
Andrew Walker: Guitars, Vocals
Johnny D: Bass
Max Kennedy: Drums
Stefen Carriman: Piano, Keyboards

Additional Musicians: Dan Brodbeck
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Graham Brewer, Dan Brodbeck, Steve Chahley, Siegfried Meier