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“I’ll be taking you right by the hand, I know that you don’t understand”

Generally speaking, one might assume that a band whose name originated from a song by jazz pianist Bill Evans wouldn't know a thing about how to rock. However, Toronto band Turn Off The Stars have been lighting up the stage, winning over crowds and recording a debut album in an effort to prove otherwise.

Turn Off The Stars began a few years ago at Western University in London, Ontario. Lead singer Mike Walker and his brother, guitarist Andrew Walker met bassist John Dawson while performing an acoustic show on campus. From that day forward, the boys continued on together as an acoustic band - but deep down they knew something was missing…or someone. Enter drummer Max Kennedy. With the band now firmly set up as a 4 piece, their passion for rock became too strong to ignore and Turn Off The Stars was born.

With the release of their debut album, "Everything Is OK", Turn Off The Stars are ready to conquer the nation with their lush, atmospheric rock songs. Despite their lofty aspirations, be rest assured that any success which may befall Turn Off The Stars will not go to their collective heads.

"We want to stay true to who we are and remember where we came from," says guitarist Andrew Walker, "we don't want to be a band that forgets that."

Songs such as "Please" and "Oblivious" demonstrate how things have fallen into place musically for Turn Off The Stars. The guitar-based melodies and beautiful, poignant lyrics showcased on "Everything Is OK”, represent a band that is wise beyond its years….and they've barely scratched the surface.


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