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The story continues to evolve with Canada’s the New Deal, as they celebrate the seismic collision of live, improvised jamming with the energy and flow of contemporary dance music. Since the band’s formation in 1999 – a self described “beautiful accident” – North American response has been exceptional. Audiences have embraced what is now called the “New Deal Sound”.

At the vanguard of a new progressive style, the New Deal has become a live touring phenomenon. They have appeared at Bonnaroo, Jazz Fest New Orleans, the Coachella Festival, Street Scene in San Diego, Berkfest and the Detroit Electronic Music Festival to name just a few. They have headlined over 400 shows in the past 4 years. The New Deal inspires audiences of all kinds, from packed dance clubs across North America, to spellbound receptions during opening tours with Herbie Hancock or Page McConnel from Phish.

The New Deal’s second studio release complements their catalogue of 3 live releases. Their sophomore studio recording, entitled “Gone Gone Gone”, explores the nuances of tempo, melody and thematic repetition for which the band is so well known. And for the first time ever, the band has invited guest vocalists Feist and Martina Sorbara to add new texture to their musical offering.

Unique, unforgettable and completely original – the New Deal has captured the attention music audiences throughout North America. Their latest studio release will bring the band’s celebrated sound to an even larger audience.

The New Deal is Jamie Shields, Dan Kurtz, and Darren Shearer.