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TemPest Grace Gale

Tempest Gale was a well-loved folk/punk artist whose life was tragically cut short at age 25, when she was murdered near her home on Hornby Island, BC. Rita Chiarelli produced this recording in honour of TemPest, a friend in music and a passionate artist with so much potential.

Tempest is an artistic maelstrom whose expression is as multifaceted as her origins. Currently arising from the dripping shore of the notorious yet veiled Hornby Island, she brews a vociferous fervor which has swept her from coast to coast. Whether endowed with reanimated creatures, distorted guitar and voltaic voice, banjo or instrumental fusions, as a nine-foot or one-wheeled winged skeleton or stripped bare to words, she is a captivating force to be caught in wherever the Tempest is blown ashore.

"I love spooky banjo music and Tempest gives me the creeps !!"
-David Gogo

"I dig your disc. PJ Harvey moments on the vocals while thoroughly unique. I like the art-bluegrass vibe"
-Wax Mannequin

Born on Mt. Shasta, California, Tempest has been composing and decomposing since 1984. Her career as a performer began traveling with her parents in the band Killer Bagels who, thanks to their battery/solar powered equipment, played in many obscure locations such as the beaches of Oregon and California, the canyons and deserts of Arizona and Nevada and afloat off the gulf islands of BC.

In 2003 she spawned punk band Prink Insurgency. Tempest has opened for the likes of DOA, No Means No, Ember Swift and CR Avery.

For the last couple of years she toured the festival circuit in BC, and Alberta with Odditory Presence, and the NMA: activist bbbBeat-boxing poet folk. She was sighted naked on stage at Poetry in the Raw, and ate transcendental chocolate torte on ViaRail enroute to Halifax for the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word with the Victoria Poetry Slam Team.

Her multi-media creatures of metal, bone and whatnot have been featured at many galleries around Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and Vancouver, and as far afield as Montreal.

Her life has been thick with circus- from the Vancouver Island Music Fest to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and ArtsWells, Tempest and Anubis have been ushering unsuspecting souls through the veils of time and space on fire, stilts and unicycle.

When not hibernating on her sailboat playing banjo amidst her sculptured critters, Tempest has been heard tearing down the societal boundaries on public transit, on fracturing sidewalks and in nefarious cafes from hither to thither and yon again!