The Monday Nights

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The Monday Nights

In an environment of studios, constant gigs, players and fans of live music, lead singer and song catcher Kalem Mahoney crafted the prose for The Monday Nights self titled disc.

Recording and demoing while constantly overlooking Water street in downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland, Mahoney and others watched seasons pass, people move on and the city continue aging. The result was a hopeful kind of melancholy cinched into a Hammond organ, reverb, raspy vocal package that makes you nod in agreement with everything he says. Everything changed in that tiny studio but sometimes nothing changes at all. Therein lies the best of Mahoney’s songs. You feel like you know them and yet they are so brand new.

The new CD is a collection of thoughts and musings about city life, the city of St. John’s, and really any city. It is about the relationships that form and the ones that do not. Why do you stay, why do some choose to move on and more so than the roads, what actually led anyone here or there for that matter. The Monday Nights infuse promise into each song. There is a reason. There is a sound to a city and there is a moment when you can hear you want to stay put. Tunes like “Stereo Loud” make you want to escape with windows rolled down while “Dirt Town” is our love hate relationship with wherever it is we choose to live or create.

Enter Elliot Dicks, Mark Neary, Brad Power and Grant King. Along with Mahoney, these five musicians are some of St. John’s finest. They are also a group of close friends who tirelessly move to capture every thought and mood in every song. These are topics that everybody can relate to. They are somewhere between good and bad, right and wrong, light and dark....

A year and a half in the making, this is one of the most highly anticipated releases in recent memory.

Nobody likes Mondays but everyone loves Monday Nights. You’ve made it past the hardest part of the week and with one day down, it all gets a little easier.