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Tango Sierra

Toronto, Canada – February 24, 2006 – Tango Sierra, arguably one of Saskatoon's hottest up and coming indie acts are pleased to announce the long awaited national release of their debut album This Is It on Tuesday, February 28, 2006 on Bent Penny Records, with distribution through Maple Music Wide.

Tango: a communications code word for the letter 't' and Sierra: a communications code word for the letter 's', form together to create Tango Sierra, a name you will not soon forget. This Is It, is more than just an album title -- it's a destination and it marks the end of a very long and difficult journey for Tango Sierra.

Hollis Jeffery Brown, lead vocals and guitar; lives a storyteller's life. His is a story of love, loss, pain and redemption. Brown's life experiences have been beautifully crafted to create Tango Sierra's stunning twelve-track debut This Is It.

At the urging of friends, Brown began recording his music and took a chance when he sent a handful of recordings to Tom Cochrane. Cochrane was impressed with what he heard and passed the recordings along to Red Rider co-founder and band-mate Kenny Greer who agreed to produce and record the album with the band. The resulting independent release This Is It, is full of progressively blues-powered rock and not surprisingly reminiscent of the band’s musical influences such as Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen and of course, Red Rider. Brown's rich voice and emotionally packed lyrics are paired seamlessly with unexpected chord changes and unique structure, making This Is It - it!

Born in Middletown, Ohio, it has taken Hollis Brown nearly a lifetime to process his experiences and to translate those deep feelings into music and words. A displaced child, Brown found himself in trouble with local law enforcement at a young age and at age 17, signed up with the U.S Army. As a paratrooper with the U.S. 82nd Airborne Infantry Division, Brown never really felt like he had a home with the army and by the age of 19, found himself addicted to drugs and in a downward spiral that would last for the next 12 years. A self admitted addict, Brown was using everything from cocaine and downers to crystal meth and felt he had very few options in life. Hollis was down and out and in trouble living the life of a junkie. In his own words, "I have been around man."

In 1988 with very little going for him, Brown got himself cleaned up and made the move to Saskatoon where he found his salvation. Saskatoon is the safe haven that he and his family call home. It is the birthplace of Tango Sierra and the bands debut album This Is It.

The band is quickly growing in popularity thanks to hits such as 'Why Baby Why', Tango Sierra's first single, released in March, 2005. 'Why Baby Why' has been climbing the charts in Tango Sierra's hometown of Saskatoon and has proven to fans and critics alike that Tango Sierra are here to stay.

"Hollis Brown and Tango Sierra prove that it is never too late to pursue your dreams..." Tom Cochrane said, "good insightful songs and great production on a shoestring by Ken (Greer) ... Hollis has a big heart and that comes through in his music, how refreshing is that .... (there are) some experiences there that everyone could learn from".

This is It was recorded in 2005 in Mt. Albert, ON with current and founding Red Rider member, Ken Greer and features Hollis Brown on lead vocals and guitar; Paul Edmondson on lead guitar; Ken Kitchen on keyboards; Frank Callingham on bass, Ken Greer on guitars and steel guitar, and Troy Feener on drums. Sam Dufour, formerly of Sweetsalt, is Tango Sierra’s tour drummer.

"When I first heard Tango Sierra I was floored by ther lyrical depth and emotion in their music that I had to try and get them on board... Everyone at Bent Penny is very excited to have to be working with Tango Sierra and we're very glad that they are apart of the family" said Julian Dean Taylor; Co-Founder Bent Penny Records.

This Is It was a lifetime in the making and gracefully portrays the human condition as an ever-hopeful landscape. Hollis Brown has lived a life filled with strife and impossibilities to overcome but has found his niche as a powerful singer/songwriter. "I do it for the people who are still lost out there trying to find their way." Brown said from his home in Saskatoon, "I get to say them, Hey! I did it, and you can do it too! You know what? People love the idea that you're never too far gone, never too young and never too old... it's where your heart is" .

For more information and the latest concert announcements please visit www.tangosierra.ca