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Teresa Ennis

Teresa Ennis has been living in Nova Scotia for 4 years. Originally from St. John's, Newfoundland, she also sings in a group with her sisters, The Ennis Sisters.

Teresa had been recording some songs since the summer of 2006 - just for fun, as time allowed between work with her sisters and the group. Now with 11 songs complete, she plans to release the results this summer on a new CD called, "Space" - produced with her good friend, Joel Hunt.

The new CD features versions of several songs, both new and old, that were heard in and around social activities with friends. "We would hear a tune on the radio, or a favorite song on the CD player", says Teresa, "and someone's ears would perk-up... 'we ought to give that one a go'". The recording was done in a comfortable and relaxed setting in the livingroom of Joel's rural Nova Scotian home - with tracks recorded between kayaking on the lake, cooking meals, and watching Hockey Night in Canada. Listen close and you can hear crickets from an open window, a fire cracking in the stove, and the dogs clicking across a wooden floor.

"Space" features some songs you might remember - from an upbeat bluegrassy take on the Electric Light Orchestra's 1975 hit, "Can't Get It Out of My Head" to a spirited cover of Bruce Cockburn's "Going To The Country" as well as a new original tune by Teresa, "Under The Moon", and Joel's song, "Space". Teresa's lead and backing vocals are at their most beautiful on the folk standard "I've Endured", and her playful harmonies highlight Pete Townshend's "Blue Red and Grey". Also included are songs orginally written and recorded by: Jackson Browne, "Song For Adam", Supertramp's "Downstream", The Eagles' "Train Leaves Here", Ronnie Lane's "Annie", Gary Scruggs' "Lowlands", and a French Acadian ballad by Ron Bourgeois, "Ma Jolie".