Three Days Grace

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Three Days Grace Artist: Three Days Grace
Title: Three Days Grace
Year: 2003
$15.99 CDN 
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Title Length Sample  
1 Burn 4:27 No  
2 Just Like You 3:08 No  
3 I Hate Everything About You 3:51 No  
4 Home 4:21 No  
5 Scared 3:13 No  
6 Let You Down 3:47 No  
7 Now Or Never 2:59 No  
8 Born Like This 3:33 No  
9 Drown 3:28 No  
10 Wake Up 3:25 No  
11 Take Me Under 4:20 No  
12 Overrated 3:32 No  

Three Days Grace are Adam, Neil and Brad
Produced by Gavin Brown
Engineering by Michael Baskette
Recorded at Long View Farms Studios, North Brookfield, MA; Bearsville Studios, Woodstock, NY; Vespa Studios, Toronto, Ontario and A room Full Of Stuff Studios, Toronto, Ontario.