Tory Cassis

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To simply label Tory Cassis as "singer/songwriter" would be not only an understatement but a discredit to this multifaceted performer. Cassis is a refreshingly original singer, songwriter, guitarist, trumpeter and storyteller.

Cassis' writing style varies from funk to swing to jazz to folk to pop without seeming contrived as he successfully blends all of these styles into one that is distinctly his own. Anywhere But Here, released in September of 1999, artfully showcases Tory's diverse song writing style as well as his soulful baritone vocals.

These masterfully written songs take the listener on a journey through a series of emotions. From heartfelt, laid-back ballads to driving, upbeat rockers Cassis and his expert back up band do it all to the point of perfection.

Lyrically, Cassis makes the listener feel like an old friend has stopped by to tell stories from a comfy armchair. Some cause giggles with their biting humour, others draw tears with their heart-wrenching pain. Whichever the mood he inspires, all of his words and his low, smooth voice compel you to stop and listen.