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Lucky Blue Artist: Tannis Slimmon
Title: Lucky Blue
Year: 2007
$17.99 CDN 
(approx. USD $12.65)
(approx. EURO 11.65 €)
Currently not available.

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Title Length Sample  
1 Ernest, Charlie & Allan -- No  
2 Mountain of Love -- No  
3 Our Time Now -- No  
4 Spirit House -- No  
5 My Bike -- No  
6 Edmonton -- No  
7 Weathervane -- No  
8 My Body Moves -- No  
9 What Iím Going To Do -- No  
10 I Never Dreamed -- No  
11 Around Him -- No  
12 Underground Railroad -- No  

Oak Lake Artist: Tannis Slimmon
Title: Oak Lake
Year: 2001
$15.00 CDN 
(approx. USD $10.55)
(approx. EURO 9.71 €)

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Title Length Sample  
1 Falling Together 3:20 Yes  
2 Maisy Go Round 3:16 No  
3 Thereís A Lift 4:21 No  
4 What To Do 3:37 No  
5 Itís Quite A Job 4:52 Yes  
6 Starting Now 3:00 No  
7 A Miracle 5:08 No  
8 Why Canít You Read My Mind 3:46 No  
9 Iíve Known It 4:05 No  
10 My Body Moves 2:08 No  

Produced By: Tannis Slimmon with Josh Finlayson (2,7), Nick Craine (8,9), John Charleton (1), and Lewis Melville (3-6,10)

Recorded By: Lewis Melville except Track 1 by John Charleton and Tannis Slimmon

Musicians: Tannis Slimmon (vocals, acoustic guitar), Susan Smith (vocals, "fiddle part"), Nik Tjelios (mandolin), Lewis Melville (banjo, mandolin, electric guitar, hand drums, bass, organ), Ralph Dame (bass), John Charleton (drums, percussion, electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar), Josh Finlayson (acoustic guitar, electric ebow guitar), Dr. Pee (piano), Dale Morningstar (electric guitar), Murray Ritchie (lead acoustic guitar), Jeff Bird (harmonica, tambourine, acoustic bass, hamer bass), Dave Clark (drums), Jack Walker (dobro), Tristen OíMalley (bass), Sam Cino (drums), Vicki Fraser (vocals), Alfons Fear (trumpet), Rebecca Campbell (vocals), Harry Manx , (mohan veena), Andy Maize (vocals), Kate Richmond (vocals), Nick Craine (electric guitar, vocals), Nathan Lawr (drums), Gwen Swick (vocals), Vandana Sharma (saxophone), Jeremy Shute (trumpet), Hughes Massicotte (mouth trumpet, the last laugh)