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Out of the spotlight for a few years with ample reason, The Supers have returned with Re-Arrange, a brand spanking new collection of 12 power-pop songs. Produced by Ian Lefeuvre (Starling, Lynn Miles, Andy Stochansky), it is a musical evolution from their last two releases, "Spklanng!" and "Mystery on Pop Mountain". Stronger, Tougher, and darker material spills into The Supers power pop mix on this release which is sure to please the most discerning music fan.

Where have they been? Why the 4 year break between records? In one word, Moonlighting. Maury joined Sarah Harmer's band (he plays on her pop releases) from 2002 till 2004. Graham jumped head first into photography and managed to go to El Salvador as an image gatherer for World Vision. Maury also found time to play on recordings by k-os, Kathleen Edwards, Danny Michel, and others. In addition to all that fun stuff and paying the bills, Jann Arden also scooped Maury up for her live band in 2002 and hired Graham in 2005. They have been busy helping others and now they would like to help themselves.

The Supers have returned with their new CD Re-Arrange. Listen.