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Sue Smith

Sue Smith is a singer, songwriter, performer, writer and teacher.

Sue’s debut solo album, “I’m So”, is a collection of 11 new, original songs written and recorded over the period Nov. ‘03 -Oct. ‘05. Taking inspiration from northern landscape, blue whale acoustics, singing classes with Peg Evans, and an intensive period of dance studies, Sue created a collection of songs examining the magnetics of relationships; the desire that evolves a greeting, the experience that necessitates a goodbye and reflection on the memories of these acts; hellos, goodbyes and, always, love. “I’m So” will be released in May, 2006.

Sue is Artistic Director of the Season Singers, a children’s performing arts troupe for which she has written and produced, to date, 14 original plays.

Sue spent ten years as a part of the acclaimed vocal trio, The Bird Sisters, recording and touring original music across Canada and throughout the U.S., receiving warm welcomes across the land, a healthy radio response and critical acclaim for artistic achievement.

Sue has worked as a collaborator/performer for fifteen years with video/performance artist Nora Hutchinson., touring shows across Canada, performing live and in video productions. Sue has collaborated with choreographer/dancer Karen Kaeja, as composer, singer and performer.

Sue is a dedicated music educator with a vibrant teaching studio. She is co-founder of Sonic Playground, a musical adventure for children which combines music and learning with fun.

Sue is a co-founder of Guelph’s amazing Hillside Festival.