State Of Shock

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State Of Shock

Johnny Philippon - Drums
Jesse Wainright - Guitar
Cam Melnyk - Vocals
Simon Clow (Kadooh) - Guitar
Alison Toews - Bass

What is it about the West Coast? Could it be the water that flows from the snow pack on the North Shore Mountains? Perhaps it’s the fresh breeze off the pacific or the herbs that grow in the lush forests surrounding the Lower Mainland. Whatever it is it’s true to say that the 604 area code has produced some of the most successful rock acts in recent, or even ancient, memory. BTO, Loverboy, Trooper, Bryan Adams, Default, Theory of a Deadman & Nickleback come to mind without any effort or research. Well another name is about to be added to that list, State Of Shock.

Life, Love & Lies is not the first full length release for State of Shock. Winning the 2004 CFOX Seed’s powered the release of their debut album ‘Guilty By Association’ in June . Singles ‘Wish I Never Met You’, ‘If I Could’ and ‘So Many Times’ followed in due course along with supporting tours and a satisfying nomination as Favourite New Group at the 2005 Canadian Music Award’s. Not bad for a first release but something was missing. Back to the drawing board. Slowly a new group of songs began to take shape and as is often the case they were light years ahead of their first batch. The ‘something’ that had been missing was maturity. You can hear it in the songwriting, you can feel it in the room when they perform. This time they’re ready.

Jeff Dawson (Daniel Powter, John Wozniak. Tal Bachman) joined State Of Shock at Hipposonic and Mushroom Studios in late 2006 and began producing Life, Love & Lies. Mixing the resulting sounds was entrusted to Mike Frazier at the Warehouse Studio.

Now a label was needed to help share the results with world. Cordova Bay Records showed up as if on cue and a deal was struck. State of Shock now had an experienced team that includes Fontana North handling distribution and Frontside Promotions taking on the marketing and promotion, manager Rob Pattee (RPM Management) and agent Ralph James (The Agency Group).

Time to rock.

April 2007 will see Frontside team releasing the first single ‘Money Honey’ to rock radio with HotAC and CHR formats to follow. CFOX has, not surprisingly, led the way by adding it immediately. Life Love & Lies will be hitting the street on June19 with the capable guidance of Fontana North.

State Of Shock is ready to fulfill the dream that started back in 1999 when Jesse Wainright and Johnny Philippon first started the band. Keep an eye out, they’re coming your way.