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After a decade of playing bone crashing, innovative rock 'n roll, the verdict is in. Toronto's Staggered Crossing is an E! True Canadian success story.  They've toured Canada on seven separate occasions, playing with the likes of Nickleback, The Guess Who, and Midnight Oil. Their fans all agree that Staggered Crossing's high energy live show is the band's trademark. 

Narrowly missing obscurity, Staggered Crossing is back in a big way with the indie release of their third studio album, Burgundy and Blue.  The album weights in with the best of what Canada has to offer.

"Staggered Crossing has found its way back into a groove and return with the stellar Burgundy & Blue."
-Jon Bruhm, The Halifax Coast

Staggered Crossing, was formed in 1996 by Julian Taylor (vocals & guitar), Dan Black (Bass), David Marshall (Guitar), and Jeremy Elliott (Drums). The quartet has been friends and band mates since their high school days growing up in Toronto.

In less than two years, the band would come to develop a dedicated fan base, and in late 1997 had attracted the attention of Frank Davies, president of The Music Publisher. This relationship led to another great feat for Staggered Crossing when the band signed with Warner Music Canada in 1999. Soon after, Staggered Crossing signed on with Ralph James and The Agency Group to assist in the development of the band.

The band's self-titled album was released in February 2001. The album would go on to sell over 13,000 copies across Canada and Staggered Crossing watched their monster lead-off single "Further Again", reach #6 on the Canadian rock charts where it stayed for more than 12 weeks in 2001. Their second single, "A Million Works of Art", reached the #31 position on the Canadian Music Charts.

The debut album was voted Best Contemporary Music Recording of the Year at Universities and Colleges from the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (C.O.C.A).

The band's sophomore record, Last Summer When We Were Famous was recorded n the spring of 2002. The album was produced by ex-Wilco member Jay Bennett, distributed by Outside Music and released in August of 2002. With support from Canadian Rock Radio, Much Music and MTV, the independently released "Business As Usual" kept the band in the public eye.

Recorded and produced by Staggered Crossing and Ed Zych, the bands third album, Burgundy and Blue, merges different musical genres into one collective fusion.

"The up tempo and philosophically upbeat Burgundy and Blue continues the StagX concept but opens up their palette to include synth, pop and reggae sounds."
-Ric Taylor of View Magazine

Staggered Crossing has written some of the catchiest hooks and melody lines in Canadian rock and appeared and performed on the Mike Bullard show with Canada's Prime Minister in 2001. During the show, it was announced that Staggered Crossing was Jean Chrétien's favourite band!!!