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Steve Singh

Heavy Metal Sunset is Steve Singh's latest pop explosion.Self produced, recorded, performed and mixed, Heavy Metal Sunset is a quirky celebration of the greatest elements of pop music. Densely layered and full of suprises, Singh's latest release is a truly original, uncompromising, and fearless piece of work.

Steve Singh is a Toronto based musician/producer/artist. Singh has played extensively in the UK and North America with the likes of Bert Jansch, Tom Russel, Ron Sexsmith, John Wesley Harding, Jesse Malin, members of the New York Dolls, and members of R.E.M. to name a few.

On 2003's 'I Will Not Break Your Heart':

“…such a lovely and very very pretty track [Skip the Flowers]. Put it on for the first time yesterday and the track started and I thought ‘Oh, that’s nice!’, and as it got going I found myself sort of sucked into it. Lovely lyrics too…and by all accounts, he’s wonderful live.”
- Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2 - London, UK

"...pure pop melodies, richly detailed lyrics, and the kind of hooks that hits are made of.”
- Larry Flick, Billboard Magazine - NYC

"Singh's subject matter is urban and heartfelt -- he humbly explores personal relationships, chance situations and slice-of-life subtleties with the ease of a gentle breeze.”
- Kevin Hainey, EYE Magazine - Toronto

“This is a CD filled with humor, sweetness, intelligence and originality. He could have also called it “I will not write anything boring or predictable” Makes me really look forward to each song because I can’t wait to hear what he is going to come up with next.”
- The Muses’ Muse - USA

"It's not often that a wordy writer with clever narratives is able to shape them into great songs but Toronto singer/songwriter pulls it off with amazing aplomb.”
- Michael Barclay, Exclaim! Magazine - Toronto

"Steve Singh…possessed of a warm voice and a lyrical dexterity as capable of compassion as it is scathing bite.”
- Mike Davies, Birmingham 101 - Birmingham, UK.

"Ignore the album title 'I Will Not Break Your Heart', Steve Singh's album of the same name will do exactly that! Lyrical, romantic and simply moving…"
- Jacquelyn Francis, Umbrella Music

"This is an album that you're guaranteed to play again and again until you have all the words memorized and are singing along with all your might. This entire album is great."
- Persnickety Picks Online

"Steve Singh, from Toronto, Ontario, swept the audience away with his dreamy lyrics that seemed to ride so effortlessly on the music. Very enjoyable. Very highly recommended."
- May Lebrun, The Muse's Muse - Toronto (review of NXNE showcase)